Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Relational Christianity

One approach to Christianity can be called 'relational' to differentiate it from organizational, systems, or mechanical Christianity. Today it is not uncommon for Christians to see their religious life in terms of their relationship to a church system. They often view this relationship in terms of what the system requires, what criteria they have to meet, and what doctrines they have to accept.


Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

Chapter 2 - The Family in the Natural World

Chapter 3 - Diabolical Plans

Chapter 4 - The Family in Transition to the Social World

Chapter 5 - The Modern Family

Chapter 6 - The Dilemma of Relationships

Chapter 7 - The Foundation of Relationship

Chapter 8 - The most important relationship

Chapter 9 - A Fatherís love

Chapter 10 - Our Heavenly Father

Chapter 11 - Degrees of Relationship

Chapter 12 - Self - The Relationship Killer

Chapter 13 - Social relationships

Chapter 14 - Christian social relationships

Chapter 15 - The Preferability of Superficial Relationships

Chapter 16 - Christian Relationship

Chapter 17 - Identifying Unhealthy Relationships

Chapter 18 - Forgiveness

Chapter 19 - The Purpose of Relationships

Chapter 20 - Seeking relationship

Chapter 21 - Taking the Initiative

Chapter 22 - Christian Maturity

Chapter 23 - Not Being Offensive

Chapter 24 - Not Taking Offense

Chapter 25 - Great Expectations

Chapter 26 - Acquaintanceship, the Foundation of Relationship

Chapter 27 - The Evolution of Relationship

Chapter 28 - Barriers to Relational Christianity

Chapter 29 - Searching for Relational Christianity

Chapter 30 - Signs of Maturity


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