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Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
I am embarrassed by what I thought five years ago. I hope to be embarrassed five years from now by what I know today.    - A person growing in faith and knowledge.
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This collection of articles, books, and videos is only meant to aid you in your own search for the deeper Christian life. As we are all learning and growing, it should be understood that errors and mistakes will be encountered. Subject anything you hear or read (including what is available here) to the scrutiny of the truth (bible).

Who we are. Tim, Judy, Sam, and Anna. Living on a small farm on the prairie. We home school, house church, and have a home business. Please feel free to ask us about anything.
Why the "Pioneer" theme? In the history of the United States, a pioneer was often a person who left the "old world" for a home and a new life in the "new world". This is supposed to be what happens when a person becomes a Christian. The classic  book "Pilgrim's Progress" also describes a journey to escape entanglement with a world hostile to Jesus so that we can arrive at our destination which is Christian maturity and Christ-likeness.

Considering how increasingly foul the world is becoming, many people are beginning to take another look at Christianity. One almost has to be a "pioneer" to dig through the encrustation of distortion that has been heaped upon what is called Christianity. In addition Christians themselves have contributed to the distortion of the message (good news or "gospel") of Jesus. Our sins are forgiven and we can have new and eternal life by trusting in Jesus. We also now have the opportunity to transition from selfishness (the flesh) to selflessness (love) by the power of God's Spirit in us.

Hasn't the world already heard enough about Christianity? 2,000 years ago Christianity quickly spread to include Europe, North Africa, and the middle East. This happened under very adverse circumstances. What had happened was that truth had made a startling appearance on earth. The effects of truth on people lives was most remarkable. Lazy and drunken men became loving husbands and caring fathers. Bitter and shrewish women became loving wives and tender mothers. Lives were transformed as people were changed by their connection to truth. The power of Jesus was undeniable. People wanted this change for themselves and their families even if it meant the confiscation of their property or even death.

Over the years "experts" took over and what was still called Christianity became a managed system of religion. Even within this system, the truth could be found and lives transformed. However, as people began to walk further and further from truth, their lives were less and less transformed. Today the Biblical idea that churches should help their members grow into the full image of Christ is such an alien a concept that it is seldom even heard.

Our purpose is to help point the way back to what Christianity first was. If any still seek truth or have become disillusioned with what churches and religion have become, we want to provide encouragement that the path is still there and the the truth can still be found.


Why not just go to a church? We believe that real Christianity is lived out through relationships, us with Jesus and with each other. Organizational systems do not do relationships. Denominations have an interest in maintaining their control, assets, and traditions. We are more interested in truth. 

There have been various movements such as Christian agrarianism, homesteading, patriarchy, vision forum, and dominionism. We feel that organizational movements tend towards restrictive legalism and that if we don't leave room for individual action and even individual error, that we quench individual growth.

We welcome anyone who would like to communicate with us and are available to answer any questions. We would like to see the growth of relational Christianity instead of organizational and institutional Christianity.