Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Christian Pioneer - eBook for Cell Phone - What Happens When We Die



It is the intention of this book to take a broad look at the factors that combine to give us what can be known about what happens after death from the bible. One might expect that a better understanding of the life after this one would create in a person a desire to seek that in this life that would aid that in the next.


Chapter 1 - Eternity

Chapter 2 - Human Constitution

Chapter 3 - The Rich Man and Lazarus

Chapter 4 - Eternal Life for Israel .

Chapter 5 - Eternal life for Christians

Chapter 6 - Jesus is the Only Way

Chapter 7 - What About Those Who Reject Christ?

Chapter 8 - The Lake of Fire

Chapter 9 - Rewards for those who are faithful

Chapter 10 - The Fate of Those Who are not "Saved" or Redeemed

Chapter 11 - Clarifying the condition of hell

Chapter 12 - Those who trust in Jesus

Chapter 13 - How people come to Hades

Chapter 14 - Where Christians go after death

Chapter 15 - Summary


Information about Christianity and the Christian life.

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