Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Christian Pioneer - eBook for Cell Phone - Thy Kingdom Come 



It is the intention of this book to make a careful examination of the biblical references to the kingdom of God. From these it is hoped that a more clear understanding can be obtained regarding what was promised, offered, rejected, and will be established in regard to the kingdom of God.


Chapter 1 -  The King

Chapter 2 - The Kingdom Promised

Chapter 3 - The False Start Kingdom

Chapter 4 - The Kingdom Expected

Chapter 5 - Kingdom Characteristics

Chapter 6 - The Kingdom Offered

Chapter 7 - The Kingdom and Covenant

Chapter 8 - Salvation and Kingdom

Chapter 9 - The Kingdom Described

Chapter 10 - The Kingdom - Consequences for Refusing

Chapter 11 - The Kingdom, Almost

Chapter 12 - The Kingdom Authenticated

Chapter 13 - Kingdom Citizenship

Chapter 14 - The Kingdom Today

Chapter 15 - The future events surrounding the establishment of the kingdom

Chapter 16 - The Kingdom and the Time of the Gentiles

Chapter 17 - Thy Kingdom Come



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