Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 34 - The Sixties

With two world wars Satan was able to get most of western civilization to regiment itself along militaristic lines. Even the women who worked in the factories were shaped by these forces. When the war was over there was what was called a 'baby boom'. Birth rates that had been falling for decade were suddenly reverse for ten years as young people attempted to secure for themselves the prosperous and happy life they had imagined.

Many mothers turned to expert advice on how to raise children such as the book Dr. Spock wrote that advocated withholding punishment from children. Children were given an unprecedented number of toys and were the first generation to be plugged into television. It was possible for the first time to have the corruptive forces that were applied to Roman emperors and then to medieval aristocracy now able to be applied to an entire generation.

One of the first signs that this was not the path to utopia most had imagined was seen in the 1950s of increasing incidents of juvenile delinquency. By the time the 60s arrived, many were outright rejecting what was called the 'establishment' in favor of wild abandon. The sex, drugs, and rock and roll revolution could be seen as a manifestation of the rejection by a spoiled self-indulgent generation of the rigid mechanistic system of the previous generation.

This generation fractured from the homogenized culture of their parents in the 1970s. The arrogant and indignant would focus on social activism and socialism. The self-indulgent would impoverish themselves with indolence. The ambitious and skilled would bring us the Internet and computers. The ambitious and greedy would arm themselves with weapons like an MBA to loot and plunder various companies.

Divorce rates would climb while birth rates continued to decline. As families declined, so did communities. People withdrew into their fortress homes to wrap themselves in the comfort of VCRs and cable TV.


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