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Chapter 29 - Equality

The concept of equality is a mathematical abstraction. One cannot even find identical twins that are 'equal'. There is an equal standing before God in that ones abilities, social position, wealth, or lineage are of no interest to God. Satan has worked long and hard to create an attitude of discontent with any differences (perceived or otherwise) contributing to a simmering anger regarding such things as sex, race, wealth, and religion.

Anyone who has cared for children is aware of the seething resentment that can arise when a child feels that a sibling has received a larger portion of cake. Satan understands that he will not get far trying to sell people on the logic of his ideas. For this reason it is to his advantage to delay or stop human maturity so that the emotions of frustrated children can be used to lead people into the paths he would have us go.

The phase 'identity politics' is used to describe the classification of people into groups each espousing grievances and seeking political actions (usually money or power in one form or another) to sooth their discontent. Satan has made great use in getting people to see themselves in terms of groups and grievances fanning the flames of bitterness until no amount of appeasement could ever satisfy.

In contrast, there have been and continue to be groups that are truly oppressed such as the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and the Armenian Christians in Turkey in the early 1900s. It is difficult to imagine any of these people strutting around in indignant arrogance scolding their oppressors as to what better behavior was expected.

This brings to light the concept of 'should'. A child may throw a tantrum because he expected his mother to give him candy. This is an example of how 'should' can come to be twisted in the mind to drive us to irrational behavior. Satan can draw people into a group because they come to think that the group can provide them with what they have been led to believe that they 'should' have.

One of the most significant ways to stir up discontent is to get a particular group to think they should have more money and that the reason they donft have more money is because others are keeping them from it. This allows Satan to elevate the value of money (to the exclusion of things like family) as well as stirring up hatred of others.

Since people are so diverse, those who excel in hard work, cleverness, and self discipline often do better economically than the lazy, dim, and undisciplined. In the past with village life those in the first group might have taken in those from the second group and imposed restrictions on them but also provided care.

With industrialized society, there is little relational connection between people and the people in the second group began to flounder. The transition from a relational to an industrial society left many of the poor with little chance to survive much less thrive. With an ostensible democracy Satan just needed a majority of the population to form a mob which he could direct. By taking real differences (called inequality) and getting people to believe that it is caused by oppression instead of genetics, character, or circumstances of birth, Satan can direct the outrage of groups to drive the societal collective to be shaped as he wishes.


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