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Chapter 18 - Democracy in America

The United States was to have a special role in the plans of Satan. It would be the capstone to bring the final stages of Satan's plan to fruition. Underpopulated by natives largely due to the diseases the Europeans brought with them, America seemed to offer all sorts of possibilities to those fleeing Europe. The slogan of a future Louisiana politician would promise, 'Every man a king'. This sort of encapsulated the appeal Satan would come to offer the people of the world. Starting with the 'everyone has an opportunity' of individualism to the 'everyone gets everything all the time' appeal of socialism. The wealth and prosperity of America would be used to stir the world to lust.

In the 1800s a Frenchman wrote a book called 'Democracy in America' attempting to discover why democracy seemed to work in America when its attempt in France had been such a disaster. Democracy has never worked well even in Greece for the short time it was tried. However, the illusion of democracy was important for Satan to convince people that they could have the freedom to build and control their world.

There are several reasons why democracy does not work.

1. In those rare situations when freedom is obtained, those who are inclined to ruthlessness will quickly find a way to gain advantage over others.

2. Democracy does not work well even in an environment of even just five or six people as someone will always be able to bully someone else.

3. With representational democracy the representatives are quickly subverted to work for those who can benefit them rather than those who they are supposed to represent.

4. Many voices are unable to react quickly should events require it.

5. The character of a people is corrupted by the opportunity to receive without labor what others have worked to accumulate.

The reason Satan chose this form of government for the United States was that with restricted voting (literate white male landowners) he could achieve the stability to sustain the illusion of a workable and even desirable form of government. As voting was incrementally extended to the plebiscite and essentially mob rule was achieved, Satan would by then have achieved mob influence such that any election would be in the direction he favored.

The two main dynamics that contributed to influence the selection of democracy in America was the English civil war 100 years earlier and so-called enlightenment philosophies that were based on a noble view of the nature of man that also carried with it a romanticized view of ancient Greek culture.

There were two important diversions used by Satan to give the impression that democracy was a workable form of government. The first was that many of the ambitious people whose aspirations would normally lead them to exploit their fellow citizens were directed to the so-called open territories to the west. The second was that there was a significant percentage of the population that actually were Christian and were restrained from the exploitive ambitions of their fellow citizens.


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