Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 14 - Setting the Stage to Corrupt the World

We have seen that Satan used the false religions of the world to create a false narrative of how the world was made, how it works, and how people should function in it. People had been manipulated to accept what those in authority (the priests) told them as a substitute for truth. It would be necessary for Satan to control those who would be seen as the new dispensers of truth. Smart people could be used to intellectually bully others into accepting whatever they declared. Satan did not need to use only the philosophy of the Greeks, he could also use Christian 'scholars'. By raising up smart thinkers to record their postulations, Satan could then subsequently get other smart people to immerse themselves in difficult, arcane, and even obtuse writings to prove their own merit. Satan created a class of people within the church who would become the vanguard of new false religion, secularism. He he used the human inclination to be puffed up with pride through the accumulation of knowledge.

Satan would use the Christian 'scholars' in a long game to slowly advance secularism. In the short term he made effective use of the politically ambitious, bold speaking, articulate, and even flamboyant to rise to the higher levels of the organizational system the church had become. Even if some of these people actually were Christian, they could be so bound by in walking by the flesh that their faith would make little discernible difference.

Satan was also busy establishing what would become nations. He directed the establishment of a feudal system. This came out of the fall of the Roman Empire. Those who worked the land had no legal title since there was no legal authority to secure land claims. There were two groups of people, the first were those tied to the land engaged in producing food. The second group were marauding parasites, like bandits, street gangs, or the Mafia used threats and violence to take what they wanted from those tied to the land. It was from the second group that what would be ironically called the 'nobility' arose to administer the various nations that were taking shape. As these people assumed 'ownership' of the land, they exercised lordship over those they had previously raided such that their banditry was institutionalized as government.

People during this time came to see society as divided into three 'estates', the clergy, nobility, and commoners. The nobility like the powerful families vying to control city-states in Greece over a millenia earlier would now find themselves bound by the clergy to restrain their self-destructive impulses. In addition, economics would be applied to further direct the ambitions of those Satan would have follow his path.


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