Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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It is the intention of the writer to describe how the practice of Christianity came to be so often confused, inert, and unsatisfying. This is contrasted with how Christianity was supposed to work and can be made to work for the individual. Starting with the ideal, an understanding of how things became as they are can be used to tackle the subject of what can be done to overcome our present circumstances.

It is hoped that the Christian who struggles in his faith will be able, through understanding, to find a path to greater Christ-likeness (the objective of Christianity) and obtain the elusive descriptors peace, joy, and love. To this end, a wide range of subject matters will be considered to provide a context and foundation from which a broad understanding can be extracted starting with a brief summary of a biblical view of the history of the world.


Section One - How it is Supposed to Work

Chapter 1 - Truth and Love

Chapter 2 - What is truth?

Chapter 3 - What is love?

Chapter 4 - Jesus the Source of Truth

Chapter 5 - Jesus is Love

Chapter 6 - Being Sanctified by Truth

Chapter 7 - Love - Emptied of Self, Filled with God

Chapter 8 - The Value of Truth

Chapter 9 - Love is a Choice

Chapter 10 - Using Truth as Measurement Standard

Chapter 11 - The Love of God

Chapter 12 - Humility - The Destination of Truth

Chapter 13 - Humility is the Foundation of Love

Chapter 14- Love and Truth, an Active Relationship with God and Service to Others

Section Two - Things that Hinder

Chapter 15 - Our initial Handicap

Chapter 16 - Who wants to change?

Chapter 17 - "We have met the enemy and he is us." - Pogo (a Walt Kelly cartoon character)

Chapter 18 - Our Adversary Satan

Chapter 19 - What is the World?

Chapter 20 - The Truth Will Set You Free

Chapter 21 - Methods of Entanglement

Chapter 22 - Seeing in History Evidence of Satanic Influence

Chapter 23 - Church History

Chapter 24 - Battlefield Earth

Chapter 25 - The Case Against Denominations

Chapter 26 - Traditions

Chapter 27 - Surveying the Damage

Section 3 - Navigating Hindrances

Chapter 28 - Building a Solid Foundation, the Bible

Chapter 29 - Is the Bible True?

Chapter 30 - Which Bible Translation is True?

Chapter 31 - Bible study

Chapter 32 - What to do about church

Chapter 33 - Being Different

Chapter 34 - Being Persuaded

Chapter 35 - Those who lead

Chapter 36 - Church control systems

Chapter 37 - Radical Character Transformation

Chapter 38 - Putting On and Putting Off

Chapter 39 - Let the Word "Let" show us What is Expected of Christians

Chapter 40 - What is Worship?

Chapter 41 - Service

Chapter 42 - Knowing Godís will

Chapter 43 - Doctrine

Chapter 44 - Fellowship

Chapter 45 - Adversity - The Road Less Traveled

Chapter 46 - Questioning

Concluding Thoughts






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