Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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eBook for Cell Phone - What My Parents Church Should Have Taught Them 



The subject of what is wrong with churches is one that had been addressed often. However, this book attempts to take a personal view and perhaps be instructive for those who wish to go deeper in their faith than they are able to with their own denominational traditions.

It is hoped that the Christian who struggles in his faith will be able, through understanding, to find a path to greater Christ-likeness (the objective of Christianity) and obtain the elusive descriptors peace, joy, and love. For this reason the subject of  "useful" Christianity is addressed in contrast to formal, ritual, or traditional Christianity.


Chapter 1 - The Power of Christianity Reduced to a Religion

Chapter 2 - What is a Christian?

Chapter 3 - The Advantage of Virtue

Chapter 4 - Useful Christianity

Chapter 5 - Christian Brands

Chapter 6 - The Light and the Dark

Chapter 7 - Denominational errors

Chapter 8 - The Myth of Education

Chapter 9 - Walking by the Spirit

Chapter 10 - Wisdom

Chapter 11 - The Template of a Godly Life

Chapter 12 - Knowing the enemy

Chapter 13 - The importance of truth

Chapter 14- Christian Exercise

Chapter 15 - Bible Study

Chapter 16 - Work

Chapter 17 - Working with children

Chapter 18 - Humility

Chapter 19 - Parental Involvement

Chapter 20 - The Chance of Change

Chapter 21 - Self-Diagnosis

Chapter 22 - Salvation, Where it Begins

Chapter 23 - Bible Tools

Chapter 24 - Increasing Faith

Chapter 25 - Growing in Wisdom

Chapter 26 - Walking by the Spirit

Chapter 27 - Remaining Independent

Chapter 28 - Truth

Chapter 29 - Advanced Christian fellowship

Chapter 30 - Summary




Information about Christianity and the Christian life.

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