Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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It might seem strange that a religion or system of belief that has been around almost 2,000 years would need an introduction or explanation. However, during this period of time so many distortions, failures, and corruption have arisen as to make Christianity confusing, even to those who follow it and much more so to those that observe it from the outside.

To try to clarify what Christianity is, what it was supposed to be, and how it came into such a sad state today, we should first consider the briefest outline of Christianity. Next, we will examine a more detailed overview. Finally, the bulk of this book will focus on a more detailed explanation of Christianity.


Chapter 1 - How Created Beings May Have Come to be Constituted

Chapter 2 - The Forces that Drive the Universe

Chapter 3 - Jesus the Creator

Chapter 4 - The Fall of Man

Chapter 5 - The Curse

Chapter 6 - The Path Towards Collectivization

Chapter 7 - In the Midst of Nations

Chapter 8 - The Arrival of the King

Chapter 9 - Salvation in Israel

Chapter 10 - The Almost and Future Kingdom

Chapter 11 - A Failure to Receive Truth

Chapter 12 - True Christianity, a Minority Phenomena

Chapter 13 - The Church, Godís plan or a kingdom default.

Chapter 14 - Was Israel blinded by God?

Chapter 15 - The mystery of the church

Chapter 16 - The Fulfillment of the Law

Chapter 17 - The Body Without the Kingdom

Chapter 18 - The mission of the church

Chapter 19 - Leadership

Chapter 20 - Doing Replacing Growing

Chapter 21 - Control Systems

Chapter 22 - Organizational Systems

Chapter 23 - Seminaries

Chapter 24 - Being Right

Chapter 25 - Denominations

Chapter 26 - Marketplace Christianity

Chapter 27 - The Source of Confusion

Chapter 28 - Back to Basics

Chapter 29 - Cutting Through the Baloney


Information about Christianity and the Christian life.

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