Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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What is the Christian Advantage?


Most people who are religious inherit the tradition from their parents and it is often seen as an integral part of their culture. Few sit down and make an intentional selection of a religion. Some may move from one flavor to another, but seldom is consideration given to selecting a religion on the basis of what it offers.

Most religions are presented as transactional where something is done in order to get something in return (usually something beneficial in the next or after life). Philosophies are often more centered around this life. The Greeks had Hedonism (the unabashed pursuit of pleasure), Epicureanism (the moderated pursuit of pleasure), and Stoicism (the pursuit of virtue). Today the the western influence of secularism is transitioning many from the world of religion to the world of philosophy.

In the Roman empire there were to be found numerous religions and philosophies. Yet even in spite of periods of intense persecution, Christianity flourished and grew. One might consider that there was more to Christianity than just the transactional promise of avoiding hell and going to heaven.

People of the time usually lived out their lives where they were born. They were intimately known by everyone they knew so that one who lived a life in the pursuit of gluttony, drink, or lust were known as such. When such a person became a Christian their life was freed from the compelling power of sin. If they also took advantage of walking by the spirit, they could be observed to demonstrate a change of character consistent with godliness.

It was the undeniable demonstration of a changed life that persuaded many to become Christian even at the risk of the loss of property or even one’s life. One did not have to summon the iron will of the Stoic, virtue could be obtained by a new life in Christ. Satan, who sets the course of the world (Eph 2:2), has made sure that people do not know each other as intimately as they did during Roman times. Mobility, hectic schedules, consumptive selfishness, and impoverished families work together to mask the character changes to be found in those that become Christian.

Christianity still offers these advantages and perhaps while less noticeable in a world of endless diversions and unrestrained selfishness, they are perhaps even more needed. Loneliness would be expected following the decimation of the family, yet he who walks with Jesus is never truly alone. Access to the wisdom of God, freedom from consumptive selfishness, discernment regarding worldly seductions, and true fellowship with other Christians can offer soul-satisfying fulfillment especially to those most harmed by this brave new world.

In addition to all of the present advantages, being excused from judgment by having all of one’s sins forgiven and the prospect of eternal life makes a compelling case for the advantages of Christianity.


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