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Birth Control


The bible tells us that children are from the Lord (Ps 127:3). Using birth control is telling God, “No thanks”. The advantages to using birth control, especially in today’s society, are fairly obvious. Not having children at inconvenient times or freeing parents so that two incomes can be enjoyed can be attractive. Additionally, being a parent can be more difficult than just inconvenience. Children can also bring a depth of heartache seldom experienced by others. In addition, there are social advantages in doing whatever everyone else is doing.

For Christians the factors that weigh on their decision can seem to heavily lean in favor of using birth control. It can be tempting to rationalize the decision as being responsible. However, it can be useful to consider biblical references. The survivors of the flood were told to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 8:7). Onan’s attempt at birth control was not well received Gen 38:9-10). God may have a hand in forming people right from the beginning (Is 44:24).

Of all the various types of birth control (barrier, surgery, IUD, Spermicide, oral contraception, and abortion), the use of oral contraceptives (which frequently produce abortions) and chemical or surgical abortion are the two which accrue greater sin for the user. The other methods are frustrating God’s attempt to provide children. Abortion is taking the life of someone else for one’s own benefit, like a murder robbery.

We will consider here only that birth control that does not take the life of another. God gave mankind the perfect birth control, abstinence. This is useful in particular for adolescence so that their energies might be directed towards finding the best possible marriage partner with whom to build a life and a strong family of their own. Life can be difficult. If two young people have self-discipline, they are more likely to give each other self-sacrificial love and build a strong family. If they are seeking transient pleasures, they may consume themselves and each other with their own selfishness.

There are two main reasons for using birth control. The first is a management tool to accommodate the demands of the world (two incomes, delay for advanced education, or social acceptance). The second is to accommodate personal convenience (more personal freedom, more financial resources, or easier home life). Neither of these two categories of reasons should attract the Christian. The Christian is to shun worldly integration (Rom 12:2) as well as to live a selfless life (2 Cor 5:15). Parenthood often forces upon people a requirement for selflessness that exposes them to what becomes the basis for real love (self-sacrifical as opposed to selfish consumption).

In a way the decision to use birth control or not represents to the Christian a choice between to what degree to choose to live for God and to what degree to live for self and the world. Even though the Christian will not be judged for condemnation, we will give an account to God (Rom 14:12). It will be shameful for Christians to have to admit that they they were not interested in suffering inconvenience for the sake of him who died for all their sins. Additionally, their choice is a testimony to others such that the minimal Christian life seems to be endorsed.



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