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It is difficult to think of a subject more contentious than abortion. The passion for access to abortion has grown past the desire to be free from the consequence of fornication to become emblematic of a social and political movement. Today zeal for abortion has begun to take on religious characteristics such that some see it almost as sacramental. It is difficult to have a conversation with abortion proponents because every tactic is used to obtain their objectives and logic and truth are seldom used as other approaches are more useful. The policy as well as the act seems oriented solely towards getting what one wants.

Perhaps the most frequently used tactic is to declare that an embryo is not human. This declaration is not used to advance truth, but as a tactic to reduce objections. That this assertion is not true can be seen in the bible. In Luke chapter one we read that Elizabeth (the mother of John the baptist) was six months pregnant with John when she felt the baby leap within her at the presence of Mary signifying that the unborn John responded to the presence of the unborn Jesus. However, as Mary had only recently conceived, the case that life begins at conception seems to receive biblical support.

The second most common objective of the abortionists is to allow restrictions on abortion except for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. If the born children of sexual predators are not killed, why should the unborn ones be killed? By using imagery associated with rape and incest the proponents of abortion seek to create a willingness to allow the inclusion of the phrase “health of the mother” which one might normally think of as a life threatening condition but actually allows for any condition such as feeling bad.

The freshman college student whose parents sent her to college with high hopes for her future would have been shocked at how quickly she was swept off her feet romantically by an upperclassman and become pregnant. Having been abandoned by him, she seeks an abortion and keeps secret her hidden shame. She may become a stanch advocate for abortion having come to see it as the “remedy” that saved her from having her secret exposed. This is not an uncommon scenario, however, the shame might be better placed on the parents whose ignorance sent their daughter into a den of iniquity.

Those who speak in favor of abortion often cite it as a private decision. However, as a society we have decided that allowing one citizen to kill another should not be allowed. Sadly, some people can conclude that their personal problems could best be solved by killing another, however, this does not make for a stable society. One might say that the right to privacy ended when a girl allowed someone to plant a seed within her. If a landlord is not allowed to kill an inconvenient renter, a woman should not be allowed to kill someone staying within her for nine months.

For the person that has an abortion there seems to be one of two directions one goes over the passing years. One either seems to be filled with growing regret and remorse or one seems to become more insensitive and cold similar to the seared conscience referred to in Paul’s letter to Timothy (1 Tim 4:1-2). For those who follow the path of regret, there is forgiveness in Christ for all sins.


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