Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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What is called “science” today started as the collection of observations by men who saw in the nature God created patterns of cause and effect that were called laws. Since God is truth and that is reflected in what he created, the word “science” gained a lot of credibility in the mind of the public. When technology started to produce useful items for everyday life, the public further attributed to “science” a sort of gratitude for making life easier.

However science and technology are not as closely related as many think. Most technological advances were made by tinkerers who experimented with ways to improve things. In a way, science can follow after technology in that when someone discovers something, scientists then come along afterwards and try to measure and describe it using math. Almost like librarians, scientists maintain a catalog of mathematical descriptions of how things work.

Science developed in an almost cloistered realm in the newly emerging colleges of the late 1800s as a sort of union closed shop or a medieval guild. One might think of it as a monastery or castle surrounded by a moat of mathematics allowing few to enter. They came to think of themselves as the repository of all human knowledge. Hubris is a quite human failing and science was not immune. Rather than recognizing the creator whose hand in nature was observed, God was at first ignored and then adamantly rejected based on the new “science” of evolution.

Evolution is a good way to illustrate how science transformed from truth to propaganda. Conjecture of how life began was accepted as true solely because those making “scientific" declarations wanted it to be. Slowly things like psychology, sociology, and anthropology were added under the “science” umbrella. The shameful Kinsey Report published under the guise of academic professionalism was widely accepted as true simply because it was in the format of academia which had by the 1950s already come to be seen as truth.

Trained over generations of classroom instruction a population, never before in history molded to be so compliant, mostly accepts what they are told by those in authority, especially professionals and scientists, as truth. Just as ancient populations were made to offer the fruit of their labor to their priestly class to assure a good harvest, people today can be made to fund environmental and other scams to appease the new gods at the behest of the new priestly class.

Science has descended into a relativistic soup of conjecture, supposition, and even fraud. Driven by politics, the pursuit of grant money, the security of tenure, and the arrogance of pride, It has become a new religion. The pronouncements from its new priests are to be taken as the new truth. Sadly, this is worse than a few egomaniacs trying to tell everyone else what to do. These are those who serve Satan (either willingly or unknowingly). They are used to direct an increasingly collectivized populace in the direction that will accomplish Satanic objectives.

This is nothing we can change or stop. However a few Christians might be helped to understand what is happening and why so that they can escape the worst of what is coming and help their children to see through the distortions of those who exchange the truth of God for lies.

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. - Romans 1:25


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