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How to Help Those in the Tribulation


The book of Revelation describes a future time when first one fourth of the worlds population will be killed. Subsequently another third of the remaining will be killed. These events are part of what is called the tribulation or the Day of Jacob's trouble. Those surviving in those times may find homes of former Christians abandoned in their search for resources to survive. It might be helpful for them to find on the wall something that could help them understand why things are happening. To aid in this I wrote a two page description that might be useful to them. If left on a wall, it might be found by someone it could help. Feel free to copy, change, distribute or translate.


Why This Has Happened

This was written in early 2023. The “this” of the title has not happened yet. This is intended to explain to the survivors what it is they are facing and why it is happening. There has only been one book in all of human history that accurately foretold the future, the bible. The information contained herein is drawn from the bible. Before the circumstances you now face was a time of prosperity and ease. Most in that time (perhaps including yourselves) had little interest in the bible.

The bible described a future time when one out of every four people on earth will have died as a result of war, famine, and disease. It is this event through which you have come. One can assume that to reach the numbers of dead this prophecy implies, that there has to be a nuclear exchange between Russian and the US. As this would not even reach 1 billion people, China may have some involvement or disease and famine would also make a contribution. The reader of this notice might face survival in the face of any or all of the effects of a multi-element disaster.

Those who survive face a greater danger than simple survival. There will be a world government (probably in the mid-east or what remains of Europe). This will be ruthlessly run by a man the bible calls the man of sin. He will be aided by what the bible calls the false prophet. In addition to military power, he will also employ religion that will seem convincing in addition to what appears to be miracles. The bible says that people will be taken in because they received not a love of the truth. For this reason, seeking after truth will be essential for survival. If you can find a copy of the bible, you may want to hold on to it as the bible is truth.

It may be that those in the Americas or Africa will be out of the reach of the world leader and have to only contend with basic survival (food, clothing, shelter, etc). For those closer to his rule, there will be the temptation to participate in his economy (buying and selling). This might seem a survival strategy, except to participate one has to have a “mark” on the hand or head and having this mark will guarantee a tormented future. It is recommended to escape the regions of his control so that one might truly survive.

The survivors who are reading this will most likely be the ones who have the least inclination to understand, much less agree with the reasons for why this is happening. In the last half of the 20th century and the first half of the 21st the idea of God, Jesus, and the bible have almost been laughed out of any consideration. However, the magnitude of the loss of one fourth of the world’s population may give support to the reality of these subjects. Considering that the media has become a willing partner of the present insanity, it may be that the people who do survive may not know of the scope of destruction. However, things are going to get even worse as a further loss of one third of the remaining population lies yet in the future.

To understand why this is happening one has to consider that God created everything perfect including the angels and us. However, we were given “free will”. About a third of the angels rebelled against God and their leader, Satan, got the first humans (Adam and Eve) to rebel as well. As a result Satan got dominion over the earth.

People became so evil that God destroyed the world with a flood saving only eight people. In a few hundred years God then picked the nation of Israel and made an agreement with them so that he could use them as a nation of priests to bring the knowledge of God to the whole world. However, the people of Israel abandoned God and sought idolatry. After having the remaining Jews taken in captivity for 70 years, he finally got them to stop idolatry. However, when he sent his son Jesus to offer his kingdom to Israel, most were not interested. Plan B was to allow non-Jews to hear about God and Jesus and have a chance to saved from the destruction called the second death in Revelation. Sadly, Christians turned the opportunity for an individual relationship with God into a mechanized system of churches and denominations frequently at war with each other.

When Jesus offered himself up to be killed on the cross, God the Father placed on him all the sins of the whole world. With this payment, Jesus gained the right to execute or forgo judgment as well as regained dominion over the world. In the book of Revelation in chapters four and five a description is given of the time when Jesus receives what might be called the title deed to earth. As he opens this scroll seven seals with be sequentially be broken. Each seal represents some judgment of wrath to be poured out on the world. It is this sequence of events that is happening now.

At a local level, it may be difficult to discern or even understand what is happening at a global level. However, it is important to not get the mark. It may be possible to encounter one of the 144,000 young Jewish men who will be sent into the world to tell people what is happening and encourage people to persevere. Perseverance may be the most difficult part. It will be so tempting to take the mark. People raised in relative comfort and ease may find primitive survival living especially difficult.

The bible describes a seven year period the last three and a half of which will be especially difficult. Once this time is past those who have persevered without the mark will enter a time when things on earth will be magnificently changed. People will live much longer, There will be less hostility from nature, and there will be no more war for a thousand years. This will be because Jesus will return and establish his Kingdom in Israel.

Things like God, Jesus, and the bible might seem like they have nothing to do with the difficulties you now face. However, it will be important to have the facts before making your choice. If you can find a bible, the last book will be Revelation. It was written to seven churches in what is now southwestern Turkey. This was to tell Jewish believers what they could expect. Chapters four and five describe a time when Jesus (symbolically referred to as the “lamb”) is presented with a scroll that is sealed with seven seals. As this document is opened and these seals are broken, the wrath of God is poured out on the earth. All this could have happened two thousand years ago. However, an interruption was allowed so that non-Jews could hear about God even though Israel (who was supposed to be used to accomplish this) was negligent. The time when God would subject Israel to great hardship to recover them for this purpose might be seen as the end of what could be called the “church age”. This would be what you are experiencing now.

During the church age anyone could be saved by placing their trust in Jesus and being placed in what Paul calls “the body of Christ”. Now that the church age is over, one can still draw comfort from the words of Matthew - And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. - Matthew 10:22


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