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Transgender Tragedy


There have been periods of history where people have had the opportunity to indulge various delusions. These were mostly limited to kings, emperors, and aristocracy. The present age is perhaps the first time that there has been such a widespread opportunity for many to so indulge themselves.

There was a newspaper photograph of a man who had his head completely tattooed with red and green patches and had his ears and nose surgically removed so he could support his delusion that he was a dragon. Today many children (for whom such fantasy and delusional thinking is more common) are being encouraged to damage themselves physically and irrevocably so that they can obtain a little more pleasure from artificially supporting their delusions.

One might think that the fact that half of the people encouraged down this road will attempt suicide would cause alarm. One might think it would be considered at least as dangerous as smoking. Sadly, most so-called social influencers seem to urge others down this road as if they would also cry out to a distressed soul standing at the edge of a roof to jump.

What usually brings an end to fantasy and delusions is reality. For the transgender, the intrusion of reality can be abrupt and filled with monumental regret. Parents who encourage children down this road may face the same lifelong haunting that parents who incited their sons to go off in a pointless war feel when their son comes back home crippled.

There are people like Mark Zuckerberg who are working to create technology like a virtual reality where one can indulge whatever one can imagine. Good parenting includes teaching children how to deal with reality, not how to flee from it. Some parents cloaked in self-righteousness declare that they are defending their children from those who would cause harm, blind to the fact that they are the ones who are causing harm.

Consider what the bible says;

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. - Luke 17:2

Our society took two hammer blows in the 20th century. The first was the theory of evolution cloaked as “science” which undercut the faith of many. The second was moral relativism which declared that there was no right or wrong. As a result, generations were born with no foundation in the knowledge of their creator and no idea that some of their ideas might be wrong and even harmful.

Forty years ago abortion was celebrated. Twenty years ago homosexuality was celebrated. Now transgenderism is being celebrated. The future does not look bright. The fifty year old woman with secret tears and sorrow for the child she lost, the aging homosexual suffering from disease and the ravages of drug and alcohol use, and now the aging youth beginning to recognize the effect of self-mutilation and considering suicide may all find redemption in the blood of Christ.

There is one who is the father of lies that sets the course of this world. Those vulnerable to his deceptions can pay a very high price. While not often can someone vulnerable be dissuaded from following the lies, those who can have gone down these roads and discovered the consequences of fleeing reality who may be more open to words of truth and love.

For their own good, children need to be skilled at dealing with reality. Hiding in an imaginary playland will only bring tears and sorrow for a neglected and misused life.


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