Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus.  
We went in the wrong direction.
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Welcome to America


As recent immigrants to the US you may be at first surprised to notice that you seem to be free from prosecution for being here illegally. This article can help you understand better.

1. Liberal political people want you here because they feel that you are lazy, shiftless, and even criminal which they feel will fit in with their native constituency. As long as you take the money they can get for you, they feel that like a drug addict, you will vote for them because you need them to care for you.

2. Conservative political people want you here because they do not want to pay Americans a fair wage. As long as you are willing to work for less than the Chinese (plus shipping) you will have a job. These people would prefer that you don't vote, just work and not complain.

3. Liberal social women want you here because to be truly liberated, they need cheap labor to clean their toilets, cook their food, and take care of their children. Essentially today's modern woman needs a wife. These people want you to vote, just don't mention your employment to the IRS.

Since most Americans kill their own children by abortion and birth control, you are welcome replacements. If Americans have no compunction about killing their own children, don't think that you will gain any favored position. You are like the child that was adopted to scrub floors and clean up after your "betters".

Your children will get a free education. This means that anything of value in your old culture will be stripped away and your children will grow up to be just as ignorant, selfish, lazy, and immoral as the average American.

You can feel free to keep any religion you have as long as it isn't Christianity. The state religion of America is secularism (the worship of man in general and self in particular).

In your home country you were probably told that you couldn't do something because you haven't paid off a local official. Here you will find that you are not allowed to do something because local, state, and federal officials do not like people doing things without being told. If you plan to start a business, you may find more difficulties than you had at home.

No matter what country or culture you are from, there is a sizeable population already here. They are not interested in what you think or want. They will tell you what to think and want. They have already learned that political influence is measured in the number of people you control. They have every reason to control you.


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