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Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus.  
We went in the wrong direction.

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MGTOW and Red Pill
In the early part of the twentieth century in the United States history records that women won the right to vote. It would be more accurate to say that men lost the right to represent their families. The social assault on men has been continuous since then. The idea of the "red pill" derived from the movie The Matrix, represents an awakening. It is an awakening from an enforced slumber so it is not surprising that there is some resentment associated with this awakening.

This is summarized on one MGTOW (men going their own way) web site as;

One can argue that:

- Our world is a corporate plantation and men are its primary slaves.

- You have unwittingly been programmed since birth to become a slave.

- A wife, a mortgage and kids almost always guarantees you a life of servitude.

- Men do not innately owe to women or society anything, but they still end up as slaves in sexless marriages with moody wives.

- The illusion of marriage from prior generations lures men into bondage.

But do not despair: "waking up" is the key to your freedom.

This is eerily like the financial awakening that happens when people embrace the philosophy of libertarianism. In both awakenings people are presented with an elevated perspective of self as the remedy for having been exploited.

Most people see in the presentation of history an uninterrupted progression of technology, social evolution, and material prosperity. This social inertia tends to validate the world system (matrix). However, there are those who awake and eager for freedom. The problem is that the "freedom" of self-indulgence brings just another form of slavery.

True freedom can only be found in truth. Truth is only found in Jesus. This can be particularly difficult to consider when one looks at the complicity of churches with the assault on men.

Christianity was supposed to be about men leading their families. Instead it became an organizational system where men had only value as sources of money and as rule enforcers in their homes. The Bible says that women should remain silent in the churches. This is not because the Bible hates women, it is because the role of the man in the home is essential. When women by-pass their husbands to get instructions from their "priest", the home is violated. Instead of building up the home, women are given tools with which they can assault their husbands.

As one takes a closer look at history, one sees not a conspiracy of women, the illuminati, or the Tri-lateral Commission. Rather the guiding hand of Satan can be seen. What is so sad is how often he has used Christians to advance his plans. Satan has been guiding us into inescapable collectivism for centuries. This is to hold us in bondage to serve his purposes.

Men do not need a "movement". Men do not need to "go their own way". Men like women need truth.

Both men and women suffer in a relationship when one is only giving and the other only taking. Christianity calls us to selfless love. Relationships based on anything else become at best negotiated partnerships mechanical and devoid of anything fulfilling, rewarding, or satisfying.

Men wounded in encounters with selfish women can resist bitterness by understanding how completely Satan has deceived the world (women are more vulnerable to deception, 1Tim 2:14). Men who have suffered as result of foolish women who have been deceived by Satan might consider how important it is to have discernment, wisdom and understanding provided by God to those who draw nearer to him.

The bible describes love in terms of selflessness;

1Co 13:4 4-8 Love meekly and patiently bears ill treatment from others. Love is kind, gentle, benign, pervading and penetrating the whole nature, mellowing all which would have been harsh and austere; is not envious. Love does not brag, nor does it show itself off, is not ostentatious, does not have an inflated ego, does not act unbecomingly, does not seek after the things which are its own, is not irritated, provoked, exasperated, aroused to anger, does not take into account the evil , does not rejoice at the iniquity but rejoices with the truth, endures all things, believes all things, hopes all things, bears up under all things, not losing heart nor courage. Love never fails.

The man who has been exploited or taken advantage of comes to painfully understand that making oneself vulnerable by showing love is risky. However, when two people both are vulnerable to each other, there is a possibility for a depth of experience that is the reality to the storybook reputation of love.

Without a heart surrendered to and trusting in Jesus, one does not have the discernment to avoid selfish predatory people. Even becoming one yourself while offering a little protection from some of the more egregious exploiters, does not provide anything really deep or substantive.

 A man attacked by a tiger might feel anger towards the tiger, but should also consider how he might avoid such painful encounters in the future. Not all women have been taken in by Satan. However, such a woman who walks in truth and can respond to a man the way God intended, is rare. A man worthy of her is also uncommon. 

There are only a few ways to live life with regard to relationships;

1. Trust to luck. This is like buying a lottery ticket with about the same chance for success.

2. Remain alone. While avoiding some of the pain of being exploited, it limits what one can experience in life.

3. Become a predator. This option corrupts the soul by creating a hunger that is never satisfied while leaving a trail of victims.

4. Become a godly man worthy of a godly woman.

The last option may sound like something unappealing or even unrealistic. However, the first three options each have their own problems. Option four has the advantage of being facilitated by the God who created the universe and has an individual love for you. God created the very idea of marriage and family. One might well anticipate the he would work to make sure it functioned well for those who invited him into their lives to do so.

The steely resolve to not get hurt again can motivate us to be better able to contend against those who would take advantage of our weakness. However, this often commits us in the direction of and to a life of continuing combat. A surrender to God often allows his work in us, protection of, and leading to a life he desires for us. It is understandable that ones wounds might lead to a reluctance to trust. However, one should ask in whom else one could or should trust.

 A man that surrenders his life to God and trusts in Jesus can gain the wisdom to be the leader in his home, a man his wife can depend on, his children look up to and build the family he had previously thought would happen automatically. Having a new appreciation for how corrupt the world has become, he is better able to raise his own children to be better prepared and protected.