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You have to have a hole in your head to go into the Army

I was in the Army many years ago. It is so much unlike the world with which you are familiar that it takes a long time to make the adjustment. This may be why they spend so much time yelling at you, to keep you disoriented and less likely to object. The tradition of hazing may serve a similar purpose as well.

One activity that is performed extensively is giving tests. There are so many tests given that one wonders if there isn't some sort of "back door" arrangement with psychology researchers to make use of subjects with nothing better to do.

It was during the early weeks of my Army experience when I was given one of these tests to take. In addition to being mind numbingly tedious (with the occasional exception for questions like, "Which would you rather do, have an apple, or ride the bus"), these questions would usually cause you to drift into a sort of fog where you would select answers at random because you have long since passed your ability to care.

I do however, remember one question. It stands out for its strangeness;

Yes or No

"Sometimes I think I have a soft spot in the top of my head"

When you first read this question, you think;

1. This is a question that has never occurred to me.

2. I have never heard of anyone who would think this

3. Is there anyone who would answer yes to this?

4. I have heard that babies have a soft spot on the top of their heads.

5. Are there people who do not have the soft spot go away?

6. How soft is the top of my head.

You slowly sneak your hand up to the top of your head and press down. It seems as hard as the rest of the head. You think to yourself that you would not like to meet anyone who answers yes to the question, but before you go on to the next question, you look around the room. You notice that everyone else has their hands on top of their heads.