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We went in the wrong direction.

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How to pick the right career

One scholar determined that in ancient Sumeria that 20% of the population were priests and the other 80% were slaves. It seems that early on the advantages of exploiting your neighbor for comfort and profit were clearly understood.

Western Civilization was built on the principal that if you could kill someone and take his land, reduce the neighbors to slaves, and use the profit from the land to keep enough soldiers to kill anyone trying to take the land from you, you were an aristocrat and entitled to rule the land.

With the introduction of the industrial revolution slavery became outmoded. It is sad that the Civil War was fought just a few years before slavery would have ended anyway. The Europeans saw that it was much more cost effective to kick people off the land call them free and let them starve. These urban nomads became wage slaves.

Modern society has achieved social stability (no rioting in the streets) through legislation that has resulted in a population that is at least 50% subsidized by taxes on the other 50%. Even this is only possible by borrowing money. (As a side note it is interesting to see how long people will believe that they can really loan themselves money.

Into this realm of precarious economic equilibrium young people every day decide what they wish to be trained for so that they can have a prosperous life. The possibility of starting a business has been pretty much eliminated by a combination of government regulation and corporate dominance which are often indistinguishable. Like centuries earlier the good land has been seized and is held out of reach. We all now must find employment by the masters of the realm.

At this point one has to choose whether to go to college. The reasons for going to college are a little like the reasons for being a "house nigger" rather than a "field nigger" on a plantation, there is more comfort and prestige. However, while one was selected to be a "house nigger" in the old system, the new system requires you to go into debt, spend four years training (learning little of any real value), then you have to make supplication with various organizations in an attempt to make a home for yourself. Even then with layoffs, you are never really secure.

With both spouses working and children either denied or in day care, there is a greater similarity to the slave systems of history than many may at first recognize. With children sacrificed for the sake of a good income and the two children you do have going off with their own lives, The career you pick will leave you with a big house that you may be able to sell and the money sufficient to keep you plugged into cable TV in a nursing home so that you will be distracted from on reflecting on your empty life as you wait to die.

The fact is that what career you pick is less important than how you live your life and the relationships you build and maintain. A career is just a job. Pick one that lets you and your spouse spend as much time with your children as possible. Live poor, but live together. In the end "career" is just a societal label to deceive you into thinking your position in society has value beyond money. Your career is only and indication of what you are worth to others as a slave. As soon as your value drops and you no longer have worth, you will be cast aside.

If you want to invest yourself in a "career" pick father, mother, husband, or wife. It is an investment that pays off in real dividends.