Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus.  
We went in the wrong direction.

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Why Satan hates husbands

Definition of HUSBANDRY

1. archaic : the care of a household

2. the control or judicious use of resources : conservation

3. the cultivation or production of plants or animals : agriculture

4. modern : maintenance of household equipment and pay bills, otherwise drink beer, watch sports, and stay out of everyone's way.

Aliens in space monitoring our TV broadcasts might be justified to conclude that the lowest form of life in a typical household is not the pet dog or cat but the husband or father. The fact that Satan has allocated so many of his media resources into portraying men as obtuse, blundering, and wayward "children" that need to be corrected, instructed, and led by women, indicates that this is a very important strategy for him.

With men marginalized, Satan has full access to women, who are more easily deceived. If men were not so crippled, they might exercise influence over what remains of their families and resist the direction Satan wants the world to go. Since Satan wants to control the world, he has to lead everyone into global collectivism. Men seeing this, might object so Satan has to pull out all the stops so that men are incapacitated.

The first step was to turn Christianity into church. Christianity is supposed to elevate men to be leaders in their home. Church by-passes men and tells women what rules their family has to follow.

The second step was to advance technology so that men and women were as interchangeable as the machines they operated. The industrial revolution made the product of labor a commodity such that the labor itself became just a component in the process. Cheaper products create a growing emphasis on money.

The third step was mass compulsory education. Once children see society rather than family as the source of instruction, values, and culture, the role of the husband is even further trivialized.

The fourth step was societal mobility that resulted from preceding trends. One needs to go where work or school are and friends and family need to be left behind.

The fifth step was to promote a culture of consumerism. If men can be satiated with sports, beer, pornography, and pizza, then they may be kept inert as well as ignorant and just go along with the societal flow towards complete collectivization.

Men have been cut-off from real Christianity and have little interest in church that seems only to scold and ask for money. Men have little of value to teach their sons because they themselves have received little. Men have little of value to say to each other. Politics and religion have become consumerized such that they mean as little as what flavor of ice cream or what sports team is preferred

Some men are rediscovering the truth of Christianity in spite of church. Some men are taking advantage of home school to teach their children about real life instead of turning them over to be indoctrinated with the world's values. Some men are learning how to lead in their homes, love their wives, and find the life we were called to live.

John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

Satan (who runs the world for now) hates even the word "husband". He is trying to replace it with "significant other" or "partner". The word "husband" appears in no school books. Satan hates men because they represent the only real threat to his plans. While the affairs of the world cannot be influenced, men may still find truth and carve out for their families enclaves of refuge from a world being enslaved.