Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 35 - Social Justice

A German historian once called contemporary political liberalism secularized Christianity meaning people who still felt passionate about doing 'good' without knowing why, how, or exactly what 'good' was. Just as universities had worked to convert Christian scholars and theologians into 'enlightened' secularists, their expansion to the masses aided in the marshaling of millions of change agents ready to impose what they saw as solutions on others to solve the problems of the world.

Unfortunately the real problems of the world lay in a heart rebellious to God and serving self. These secular zealots being so distant from God were easily manipulated by Satan who took advantage of their moral indignancy to point them in the direction he wanted. Having a child's view of equality (if someone has something someone else does not, it is unjust and unfair), Satan was able to enlist legions of self-righteous people indignant about the inequalities they saw in the world to attack what they saw as 'evil'.

For centuries Satan worked to build a stable society to be able to develop the technology he needed. Now that his work is almost complete, a stable society is an impediment to the world in which he wishes to impose. As a result, Satan has let loose those forces which weaken and de-stabilize society so that there can be little resistance to the final global collective that he will administer.

An example of the destructive force of social 'justice' can be seen with the civil rights movement in the last half of the twentieth century. While all sorts of government intervention was demanded and applied, black unwed birth rates went from 15 to 75 percent. The destruction of black families resulted in unprecedented poverty, drug abuse, and crime. It is a testimony to the skill of Satan that he has social justice warriors inflicting untold misery on blacks as a result of their 'help' and then seeing the misery resulting from their meddling as justification for even more 'help'.

While at the core of the social justice activity is the crippling of institutions with pointless, massive, and even counterproductive legislation the real important element is the diversion of financial resources such as to weaken the established institutions to the point of ultimate collapse.


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