Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 30 - Government as God

When Satan got us industrialized, the first division was between owners and workers which easily transitioned into management and labor. While serfdom and slavery were sometimes abusive, Satan was able to worsen this with the early stages of industrialization which Dickens colorfully expounded in some of his books.

Satan was able to use his media to arouse discontent with the circumstances many of the poor had fallen into. As a result, people began to be mobilized to 'set things right'. This mobilization took on political expression as most people (even Christians) saw it their responsibility to right the wrongs of the world. This new social activism was manifest in the abolition, sufferage, and temperance movements.

The activism taught by Jesus was illustrated in the parable he told about the good Samaritan. The activism Satan sought to arouse was unsatisfied with personal acts of kindness and charity but sought collective control using the coercive force of the most powerful entity that was available, which was government.

Satan was able to draw upon several forces he had set in motion. The 'Progressive Era' from roughly the 1880s until the first world war saw an expansion of technology, a broad acceptance of evolution, mobilized social activism, and an expanded collegiate system to indoctrinate the many people who would be needed to administer the expanding role government would come to play in every aspect of life.

By crafting an understanding of the world that excludes God, Satan is able to offer the people of the world a substitute which is government. Those who have come to see their best hope in life as being what their 'god' can provide them flock to those politicians who promise that everyone can have everything all the time. Most people reject Libertarianism and even Republicanism because they are afraid to take on themselves the responsibility for their own lives. They much prefer living in a sort of perpetual infancy taken care of by what they imagine to be a benevolent government.

Socialism will always be accepted and even demanded by the majority because they see too much risk in accepting responsibility for their own lives. When there was slavery and serfdom many times the welfare of the dependent person would be taken into consideration (if only for selfish reasons) as the fate of both master and slave would often coincide.

As Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both demonstrated, governmental control is not beneficial or even practical. It is just a cold mechanical device used by those seeking to exploit others. Sadly those thinking they benefit from a coercive government are actually contributing to the enslavement of the world into a global collective that will be handed over to Satan.


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