Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 26 - Evolution

Under the guise of 'science' Satan had the speculations of Darwin institutionalized as a fundamental doctrine of his religion of secularism. Darwin wrote his original 'Origin of Species' thesis in reference to the advantages of various races. Margaret Sanger thought this was an attractive reason to exterminate black people and Adolph Hitler thought this was a good basis to exterminate Jewish people.

Darwin's thesis had two parts. The first was that there was spontaneous generation of new advantageous genetic material that would be incorporated in successive generations of an organism. The second was that as the genetic variations came into conflict with each other for survival, those that were best suited would survive to become the dominant and frequently only surviving species.

We do know that genetic material is lost as species become extinct. However, in the 150 years since Darwin there has been never observed even one favorable mutation. There are millions of unfavorable mutations such as cancers, however, the thesis that new genetic material carrying us up an evolutionary ladder has not even one example to support it.

The reason this idea is so important to Satan is that it dismisses any reason to consider the existence of God as anything more than a fairytale. It also serves to bully many Christians into thinking the bible is unreliable and even wrong and that it cannot be trusted. Christians cut off from God's word become even more vulnerable to other Satanic manipulations.

The idea of evolution is also critical to Satan to bolster those he keeps away from truth so that they imagine a romanticized utopia to which we are all headed. In a way, people are convinced to strive towards an imaginary secular heaven.

The reality of a person's life can be sad, depressed, anxious, and empty. However, this can be set aside if a person comes to believe that a better world awaits. In addition, there is a sort of smug pride that can numb the reality of an empty life such that not only is truth not sought, but actively resisted.


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