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Chapter 23 - Media

The technology of print gave us books, then newspapers, then magazines. As the technologies of film, radio, and then television were brought to bear, people came to be even more drawn into the world of entertainment. Media is an interesting unidirectional transmission of information. This fits Satan's purposes perfectly because a small group of media originators can have their work taken in by a large number of media consumers.

When people lived largely with their families (extended and close) as well as with neighbors in village life, media was largely a small occasional 'voice' that was heard. With the mobility of transportation brought about with the industrial revolution families would relocate and traditional voices would diminish largely replaced with the growing voice of media.

We have come to the point where without cable TV old folks homes would be even more depressing. This raises an interesting feature of media, that of being a soporific or anesthetic. Much of what Satan accomplishes (such as the destruction of families) is not without pain. By facilitating distractions such as entertainment, he is able to continue his work on us with minimal objection.

Media is a sort of funnel in that the further into it we are immersed, the more we are shaped by it to adopt its lessons. There are many lessons that are presented as sort of morality plays. However, its greater effect is to permeate our thinking and beliefs with assumptions imprinted from the context. Like in the classroom, we are made to adapt to the group thinking. The more media we are exposed to, the greater its imprint on our lives. Consider media messages;

1. A father (specifically, but men in general) is an idiot that has to be often humorously managed and corrected to be brought into compliance with good behavior.

2. Going to college is the key to a successful life.

3. A person can fulfill his dreams if he just works hard enough.

4. Casual fornication is healthy and without consequence.

5. Evolution is fact, scientific, and to question it is foolish.

6. Men and women are the same and interchangeable.

7. Success is from luck and not hard work.

8. Abortion is a cherished right and causes no damage.

9. The solution to the complexities in life lies with government.

10. Traditional family life is cruel to women.

11. The sooner children can leave their parents the better.

12. School is essential to learning.

Media is less about explicit instruction, scolding, and lectures and more about implicit assumptions. For example, news media presents what has happened in a context of does it matter and why, how one receives the information, and what one should think about it. Consider the headline, 'Voters angered by accusations of Trump's racism'. As long as two voters were found who were angry, the news blurb could be claimed to be factual when it is really intended to convey a charge of racism.

Satan has labored long to isolate humans such as husbands from wives and parents from children. Today many people are so isolated they attempt to connect with others through social media. It is at this last stage where people have little objective input from others that they are most vulnerable to accepting the values, assumptions, and ideas that Satan would fill them with.


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