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Chapter 22 - Capitalism and Communism

To take a good look at capitalism one has to first define terms. If one thinks of the money one has saved as capital and then that is used to start a business, it could be called capitalism. However, for our purposes, capitalism will be defined as the formation of capital from multiple sources such as with a joint stock corporation.

Ironically this is often contrasted with communism when there are many similarities between a corporation (which one can see as an economic collective) and various political socialist collectives. The maneuvering to wield influence and control, striving for recognition and influence, and all of what we have come to recognize as bureaucratic fascism that is common in all collectives.

With the crusades people began to see the value of money as equal to and occasionally surpassing the value of noble birth, lands and servants, or prestigious positions. At first a few families controlled commerce and banking. These families operated as embryonic corporations. However, Satan was able to expand economic collectivism first through trade and then through industrialization such that most people would come to find their livelihood sustained by such participation.

While many people get embroiled over which economic system is best (capitalism or communism) most fail to recognize that both are Satanic. Satan introduced capitalism earlier in the history of western civilization because it had an appeal to the opportunity for individual effort and reward. Communism was introduced later because of the appeal to protection from individual effort and failure.

True communism can never exist (from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs) because the 'to' and 'from' business is often determined by the administrators for their own benefit. The book 'Animal Farm' portrays how the ideal of communism never can be achieved.

True capitalism leaves those who were not 'competitive' in the dust. True communism enslaves. Each represents the end of a spectrum that Satan has employed to drive humans into his collectivized world. The political institution of democracy was needed such that as most people became aware that a free market economy would not benefit them, they would seek to vote in favor of who promised to offer them and give them the most.


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