Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 21 - Education = Indoctrination

The essential attractiveness of education like most things Satanic lies in deception. Since the nobility sent their children to schools, people often thought that sending their children to school would give them the opportunity for the same life that the nobility had. Given the desire many had to provide their children with 'better' lives, one can see the financial opportunity to profit from assuring parents that their children would receive such a boost.

In reality, bright children learn more than dim ones. A dim child will not be able to learn as much regardless of the skill of the educator. To boast of ones teaching skill is fraudulent as it is the student who accomplishes the learning. One can see a little of this double standard in that successful students are often called educated (credit to the teacher), while students that do not do well are often said to fail (blame to the student).

Learning is what a person does. Education is what is done to him. The industrial revolution did much to disconnect children from their parents. This disconnection was furthered deepened with mandatory public education such that the state would reserve the right to shape the values and beliefs of children. Also, age segregation inflicted damage such that an artifical social dependency was created crippling the children with deficits in the ability to interact with older or younger people. This social dependency also served to intensify the influence children of the same age would have on each other.

It is in the social pressure cooker that is the classroom where individuality is expunged from the child. Most that have gone through the process of having learned to fear negative comments from the group. Adapting oneself, what one says, and even how one dresses to meet the approval of the group (or at least avoid group censure) has a significant homogenizing effect.

It is difficult to overstate how significant this was for Satan. The industrial revolution and advancement in technology gave us an exaggerated emphasis on materialism. The cottage industry world where your parents helped you build your future was replaced with the industrial world where you had to compete for a place at the privileged table. Parents were not only willing but enthusiastic to have their children processed to be suitable for the world collective that was forming. However, parents were under the mistaken impression that what their children learned would be of value to them. Instead, they were shaped to be of value to Satan.

Exposure to 12 years of 'Sit down, shut up, do what you are told' makes more compliant worker bees for factories and offices, docile voters, fodder for pointless wars, and consumers of various products. However, while there can be material advantages for those who rise to higher levels in the collectives for which they have been prepared, the entire process is designed to take people further from their creator and deeper into the bonds of selfishness.


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