Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 19 - Urbanization

Cities can only exist in circumstances where the division of labor is such that a significant number of people receive food on which to live as they do not have the land to grow their own. The reason they receive this sustenance is because they do something of value such as make things, buy and sell things, or are supported by the taxation of others.

Satan had the process called the industrial revolution begin at the same time (about 1700) he had the agricultural revolution begin such that a much denser concentrations of people could be achieved in cities.

Getting many people into cities is important to Satan because when people are separated from living in God's natural world, they are much more open to accepting the 'reality' of Satan's unnatural or artificial world. For example, the influence of weather is generally considered less important than what is fashionable.

Getting people to arrange themselves in social collectives is critical to Satan's plan to get people to think that something other than God is critical to their survival. Once people can be made to fear others, he can be manipulated into almost any direction Satan would have him go. Even in bible times the parents of the man born blind did not want to risk saying anything favorable about Jesus because they knew of the retribution they would receive at the hands of the power elite.

The early church in Jerusalem held all things in common not because communism is the preferred way to live, but because they were penalized for not following the norms established by those in power. They were just trying to live in spite of the economic boycott applied by those in power. As the money they pooled ran out, they had to be supported by donations from Christians in other cities.

A person that lives on his own land and grows his own food is going to be less impressed with what others tell him he should do than someone who faces the need for social acceptance to retain employment. The rural person may also feel less need to advance his social standing, or impress others with his accomplishments or possessions.

The bible says that a person who does not work should not eat. This is compatible with natural law in that if an organism does not seek food, it will die. In the unnatural environment of urban life, people can come to believe that they are entitled to eat without doing any work. This example shows how distorted ones thinking can become when one accepts an alternative reality offered by Satan.


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