Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 17 - Reformation - Exploration - Colonization - Popularization

Many people today consider the Protestant Reformation to be the salvation of Christianity because it corrected some of the worst abuses of the Catholic monopoly of Christianity. However, little was accomplished that helped Christians to walk by faith and the power of the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus. Instead a war broke out in Europe lasting thirty years and left many with a strong dislike of either flavor of Christianity. This became fertile ground for the new religion of secularism.

As has been mentioned previously secularism is more correctly considered not as the absence of religion, but the worship of man in general and self in particular. Printing was the primary vehicle to bring in a wider group than just the nobility into an appreciation of entertainment through works of fiction, exposure to larger concerns of the world such as the riches extracted from the new world by Spain, and the cultivation of a critical appraisal of rulers leading to discontent.

The expansion of the world Satan had created for the nobility to the masses was necessary to be able to apply the systems he had developed to ensnare the nobility to everyone else. Printing would become one element of media which would grow through technology to become the most powerful instrument for shaping how people see themselves and the world.

A first step in expanding the world of the nobility was the growth of the merchant class. Fueled by the wealth obtained from trading, expansion of commercial interest in foreign lands was followed by military investment to protect those interests. This infestation of Western Civilization to all continents was also essential to create future avenues for global influence and control.


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