Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 15 - The Crusades - Awakening Trade and Finance

In seventh century Arabia Satan had Mohamed start a false religion out of the polytheistic pantheon of gods the Arabs had previously been provided with. Allah (the moon god) was selected to be the only god. The tenets of the new religion evolved based on their emerging political and military power. At first a low key approach was taken. However, after a while the new religion dropped any pretense of peacefulness declaring that anyone opposed to the religion should be killed.

The new religion spread rapidly over North Africa and into Spain. By the twelfth century Pope Urban II requested intervention in the Holy Lands to assist the Byzantine Empire. Organizational Christianity had become such a debased system that the forgiveness of sins (which Jesus accomplished and was free to anyone who trusted in him) was offered as an incentive by the church to get people to make the trip and fight.

Historically rulership had been assured through the power of military might. A new perspective was being introduced that of power over others through the means of wealth. At first the accumulation of wealth was the perogative of rulership. However, with the advancement of the nobility class, and their involvement in trade, sufficient wealth could be accumulated and with wealth armies could be purchased. With the advent of serious banking, rulers could be made subservient through debt.

The actual military gains and losses during the various crusades were not as significant as the establishment of wealth seeking as driving force in what was becoming the society of Western Civilization. Families would be fearful of losing prestige and comforts, as well as greedy to expand influence and control. The devices being applied by Satan to these few families would be expanded in the future to people in general by means of the mechanisms he was putting in place.


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