Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 8 - Secularism in Greek culture

Satan used Greek culture as a toxic tool to cripple Israel and later Western Civilization. While making use of most of the cities in Greece, he made special use of Athens. Transitioning from the false religion with which Satan had infused the Greeks he promoted homosexuality with the gymnasium (gymnˇs meaning 'naked').

Demonstrations of physical prowess in games was augmented with intellectual pontificating by those more intellectually inclined. Given the involvement of youth, both physical and intellectual training and development became a focus. By the time of Plato, the intellectual aspect would divert into what was called the academy.

Athenian society was a showcase of the activities of the idle rich. However, they had a passion for urban activities. This can be seen with the etymology of the word idiot. It was used originally to mean someone who did not participate in the activities of the polis (city). It eventually came to mean someone who did not participate because of inability.

A market existed for the training the youth of the rich and competing for these plush assignments were philosophers who would expound on any topic. Essentially many of the Greeks spent their idle hours attempting to impress their fellow citizens with how learned, skilled, wealthy, and influential they were. This cauldron of sophistication (from the Greek sophists, self-proclaimed teachers of wisdom, excellence, and virtue) was prepared by Satan to be ready to flow out into the Eastern Mediterranean and mid-East regions on the heels of Alexander the Great's conquests. Hellenization (making things Greek-like) was the term used to describe the pervasiveness of this influence.

Alexander died at a relatively young age and the empire he established fell to four of his generals. Two of them, Ptolemy in Egypt and Seleucus in Persia, alternatively held influence over the nation of Israel located between them. This tended to allow rival political factions to emerge one favoring the Ptolemys and the other favoring the Seleucids. The result was that most people's interest in the God that made them a nation faded and was replaced with a worldliness that seemed more practical.


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