Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 30 - Summary

God stands ready to welcome those that would seek him. When Jesus came to Israel and offered the promised kingdom, he did not try to persuade them. He even asked that some would downplay what might be seen as sensational. The path to Jesus is by truth, faith, wisdom, love, and seeking.

My parents were under the impression that baptism secured their future. They were largely ignorant of both this world and the next. They had faith that their education would secure them a life of comfortable success. It is the contribution by their church to their (for Christians) shameful ignorance that I hold their church responsible.

My parents denomination maintained a seminary where there was a brutal theological dispute in the 1970s. The political faction in the denomination that supported the idea that the bible was true barely won. Many denominations took the other path. However, just believing the bible is true does not help people put it to use in their lives.

This book is intended as an exhortation to Christian churches to start teaching real Christianity and a warning that they may be held accountable for the damage they cause people when they do not. It is also a message to Christians spiritually “starving” in various denominations that they can follow a path closer to Christ, but it requires personal initiative and a thirst for truth.

To my children, I apologize for not having provided better instruction. What you received was far better than I got, and I hope that your children will receive from you far better than you got.


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