Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 20 - The Chance of Change.

Most churches hire a pastor based on his ability to keep things the same. Even if a pastor wanted to change something, he would likely not be able to. As a result, most churches will not benefit from a review of what could be dome to make things better.

I could say shame on my parentís church for not being able to compensate even a little for their parentís ignorance of useful Christianity. However, Satan guided churches to be organizational systems. In a similar way Satan hindered those of the Old Testament;

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. - Matthew 15:9

This leaves the attempt to discover and apply useful Christianity in the hands of those who are unsatisfied with what denominational churches are able to do. Since there is no existing tradition for this type instruction, each person has to discover it for himself.

People who become unsatisfied with what denominational church has to offer often explore the realm of house church. The first step is to contact existing house churches to see what has already been discovered. One can find a group focused on one particular or unique doctrine, a church plant by a denomination, or a group of people with a bad experiences, sort of licking their wounds. When no existing group can be found, the second step is to try to start your own house church. In a major metropolitan area we got about two inquires a year. In a rural area we get about one inquiry every two or three years.

Most Christians are not seeking anything different than they have known or are comfortable with. A few, perhaps after a bad church experience, will try another denomination. Those few drawn to pursue their faith to deeper levels often face a lonely path. Internet or TV preachers can be perused and an occasional nugget can be gleaned.

Satan knows us very well. He has designed his world to appeal to the flesh. In a way, trying to escape the hold his systems have on us requires us to confront all that is weak within us. Few can summon the will to make this confrontation. As a result, there are only a few that seek after truth. There are always a few who seek truth even in the midst of prosperity and comfort. However, more may join this trickle as adversity arises and grows. It is in the furnace of adversity that the dross of a fleshly life can be more easily discarded.

At the present time this book may be useful to a small number of Christians seeking deeper truths. It may be that in the near future adversity will be such that many more may seek it. This book could have some value for those as well.

The homes my parents grew up in were only superficially Christian and their church a broken cistern, It was common for the times and even more so for today. Even the attempt at the house church movement has not been able to provide much in the way of useful Christianity. House churches almost by definition can do much for relational Christianity. However, relationships with family members can be difficult enough in this day and age. Relationships with strangers (particularly if they are, like us, and are not far advanced in their faith) can be painful. One reason modern society can function as well as it does is that it is structured to make as few relational demands as necessary.

The rest of this book will be intended for the individual. If, as I suspect, adversity increases, there may be groups of Christians that may also benefit.


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