Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 4 - The national influence of selfishness

Japan is an interesting study. They had already collectivized under the Shogunate when Western military forces impressed upon them their need to adopt the Western practices of industrialization, militarization, and colonialism. As a nation they followed a path of national selfishness first attacking Russia in 1905 and the US in 1941.

Having been defeated by the US, Japan plunged wholeheartedly in adopting Western culture (essentially capitalism and consumerism). Japan experienced unprecedented prosperity. They are now a dying culture. The collective result of individual selfishness is national suicide most obviously seen in a lack of children.

It is this unrestrained selfishness that is also killing Europe and the US although the death of these is somewhat masked by the importation of replacement cultures. What can seem obvious with nations can be less noticeable with individuals. Selfishness is consumptive. There is nothing built for the future. It is like suicide by cannibalism.


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