Christianity was supposed to be about becoming like Jesus. We went in the wrong direction.
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Chapter 27 - The Source of Confusion

A collective or organizational system is administered by a hierarchy that allows many people to be directed by one. Satan needed Christianity to be used by him to create a civilization that would develop and distribute the tools he needed in his attempt to rule the world.

There are two sides to Christianity. The outside shows the various organizational systems making declarations and claims. The inside (or might might say, ‘at the bottom’) there are just simple Christians, often crippled by the systems they inherit, trying to find authentic Christianity and the truth and love they see promised in the bible.

Making things even more confusing is that the majority of people claiming to be Christian are not even Christian. For those outside Christianity, there may never be a way to see through the confusion. Just the idea of a ‘devil’ seems ridiculous to most. To them, Christianity (whatever is actually was) is more comfortably viewed as a sinking ship.

If we can borrow the terms ‘modernism’ and ‘post-modernism’ from the art world and apply it to the social world, we might get an idea of how Satan diverted Christianity. He was able to divert Christians into the world of humanism and subsequent age of ‘enlightenment’ to fuel the industrial revolution with the concepts of man’s evolution. However, lest these institutions he needed were to grow too powerful, he then diverted the Christian world into a post-modernist mode of irrationality to deconstruct what he no longer needed.

There are many layers of confusion which need to be dealt with if one is to find clarity regarding Christianity. The most pervasive effect at present is the transition made in the second half of the twentieth century from a society based on truth to a society based on feelings. Today charges of racism and homophobia represent some of the irrationality of a feeling based society. When truth no longer matters, confusion abounds.


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