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A recent poll showed 67% of young people hostile to Jews and Israel. One commentator speculated that it was those who administer the educational system that have infused young people with their poisonous attitudes. Prior to WWII biology was often seen as the determining factor in human behavior. After the exposure of the horrors of the Holocaust, people mostly saw in developmental environments and education an explanation of human behavior.

Perhaps a too often overlooked aspect to human behavior can be found with Satan. He sets the course of the world (Eph 2:2), holds captive those who do not believe (2 Tim 2:26), and has eager and willing followers (John 8:44). Satan does not need people who worship him, read the Satanic “bible”, or even believe he exists. He can introduce and idea, have it spread, and stimulate those he controls who hear it to accept and advance it.

I had a friend who was liberated from one of the concentration camps in Germany at the end of WWII. He said that no one knew what was actually happening to the Jews. This would indicate that at that time Satan was able to stir up a general hatred of Jews, knowledge of the actual actions taken would have been a “bridge too far” for the German people. We are now almost 100 years since the first stirring of the Germans against the Jews took place under the Nazis.

According to the bible, there is still in the future a period called the time of Jacob’s (the earlier name of Israel) trouble (Jer 30:7). The antichrist will make a treaty with Israel for seven years then break it in the middle and apply his full fury to Israel. It is unclear if the war against Israel described in Ezekiel 38-39 happens at this time as well. It should not be surprising that since God chose Israel as the nation he will use to bring the knowledge of him to the whole world, that Satan would use every tactic he can against them.

It does not matter if the message Satan wants his followers to accept is illogical or untrue. It will be accepted simply because Satan wants them to accept it. He does not have to persuade them. First with books, then with newspapers, then radio and TV and now with the Internet, Satan is able to get his ideas spread widely and quickly. We should expect a much wider and rapid growth of anti-Semitism than has been seen before.

Anti-Semitism is not the only lie Satan has working in society. One can see that he has also worked to break down families. One result is that as he isolates people they become even more dependent for information on those he uses to spread his lies. He can create anxiety and fear at a moments notice and make people act against others and their own best interests.

As more and more people abandon Christ and no longer have access to the truth, we should expect the world around us to grow darker. Satan now has the technological tools to enslave the world even to the point of controlling who can buy and sell. Those he does not need he allows to pursue paths of self-destruction such as with drugs. As he tightens his control over the world, those who still seek Christ may find persecution equal to that Satan has always desired for the children of Abraham.



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