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Get Rich Quick


In the movie 'The Flim Flam Man' George C. Scott delivers the line 'You can't cheat and honest man'. He was explaining that his technique of deception required the victim to have a component of greediness that was necessary to bring him in to be robbed. In a way, if his greed could be invoked, he would blind himself to the protection skepticism would provide. Sadly some branches of Christianity seek to profit from a similar form of exploitation. They sometimes brandish 'words' as if they were a magical incantation This is similar to the practice of 'precipitation through the etheric plane'. This was a practice brought from the Hinduism of colonial India into England 150 years ago and still resonates today in various occult circles.

The appeal of using one's thoughts to get rich, healthy, or manifest one's desires can be attractive to those who are far from God. In a way, it is an echo of the seductive deception of Satan, 'Ye shall be as gods' (Gen 3:5). This sort of appeal is also found in all sorts of variations on 'mind power' like the so-called law of attraction that assures people they can get what they want by just thinking about it hard enough. Satan has made effective use of such things as gambling and the lottery to bring many to ruin through stirring up the lust of greed (1 Tim 6:10). However, for those few who are actually successful in obtaining worldly riches, it is often not as desirable as they thought. Frequently wealth requires maintenance and protection such that its needs require you become its servant.

The bible speaks of 'true riches' (Luke 16:11). This is contrasted with worldly wealth (Mat 6:19-20). At the core of 'treasures in heaven" is eternal life. This is something that can be obtained immediately (1 Cor 15:1- 4, Rom 10:9, Act 16:30-31, John 5:24).

There are short term riches which are mostly illusionary and tie one to the world and its systems. Even if one gains the world, it is only temporary and ties to that which ends (1 Cor 7:31, Mat 16:26, 1 Jn 2:17). In contrast, that which God offers everyone in Christ is sure, immediate, and eternal. To transcend from the world with its contention, smugness, and pride to the eternal life and riches in Christ that God offers requires letting go of that with which one may be familiar or comfortable. Many are unable to let go (Mat 19:22).

It can seem foolish to those immersed in the world to turn from that which seems certain to that which seems distant. There are not many powerful, famous, influential, or wealthy people who are Christian (1Cor 1:26-27). One cannot be convinced by physical evidence that trusting in Christ is the path to 'riches'. If fact, the Christian life often seems to boarder on disadvantage.

It is truth that convinces Christians to place their trust in Jesus. Jesus said that those who were of the truth would hear his words (Jn 18:37). By truth one sees the limitations of the world, the lust, greed, ambition, and acquisition. By truth one sees the giving, love, wisdom, joy, and peace that are riches available to those who trust in Christ.

Those of the world who would trick you by offering you a get rich quick scheme are usually unaware of the true riches that can be had quickly simply by trusting in Jesus.


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